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Who can get Disability Support Pension?

If you can't work full-time because of a serious, "long-term" health problem or disability, you may be eligible for Disability Support Pension. "Long-term" means for two years or more (including permanently). Full-time work means work that is for at least 30 hours a week, at award wages.

At the time of applying you must be:

  • aged at least 16 and under Age Pension age; and
  • an Australian resident, or living in Australia at the time you claim (you must have 10 years qualifying residence unless your inability to work commenced while you were an Australian resident or you arrived as a refugee); and
  • unable to work full-time for at least the next two years because of a long-term or permanent disability; and
  • your illness or disability must be severe enough to attract a rating of at least 20 points on the DSS impairment tables.
Your income and assets and those of your partner must be below certain limits. You can claim Disability Support Pension if you are still at school provided you are aged 16 or older.

Wife Pension

Wife Pension (abolished in 1995) was available to the wifes of a disability support pensioner. People on wife pension in 1995 were able to remain on the pension as long as their partner continued to receive a Disability Support Pension (DSP).

Partner's DSP claimants may now be able to receive a different DSS payment, such as Partner Allowance, Parenting Allowance, Disability Support Pension, Sickness/Newstart Allowance (NSA), depending on the circumstances.

Blind People

Permanently blind people may qualify for DSP regardless of income or assets. There is a special test for blind pensioners. They may be eligible for Rent Assistance. Their partner has to meet income and asset test rules before they can get a married rate pension.

What happens when you get Disability Support Pension?

Disability Support Pension is reviewed regularly. Reviews occur every two or five years, if you start work, or if there is some chance that your work capacity will improve.

You will be asked to give medical information about yourself and you may also have to be examined by an independent medical adviser.

If you get Workers Compensation or Third Party Damages your pension might change. You must tell us about this before you can receive the money and before you spend any money you get from such a payout.

Payments if you go overseas

The Disabiliy Support Pension may be paid outside Australia for up to 12 months (in some cases beyond this). You may need a medical examination to confirm you are still qualified for payment. You must contact us if you decide to travel outside Australia to get a Departure Certificate. Without it, your Pension may be cancelled after four weeks absence.

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