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What is Carer Payment?

Sometimes older people, profoundly disabled chldren, and people with disabilities living at home need full-time care and attention. Carer Payment is an income support payment for carers who, because of the demands of their caring role, are unable to support themselves through work.

From 1 July, 1997 Carer Pension is called Carer Payment.

Who can get Carer Payment?

To get Carer Payment you must be:

  • an Australian citizen, or allowed to live here permanently (a 2 year waiting period may apply for recently arrived migrants);
  • living in Australia (Australia has agreements with some countries where residence in one country can count towards residence in Australia);
  • not getting another Social Security pension, benefit or Veterans Affairs Service or Wife's Service Pension;
  • providing full-time care or supervision of such tasks as bathing, dressing, hygiene, eating, feeding or mobility; and
  • caring for the person in their home.

You, your partner and the person you are caring for must have income and assets below a certain limit for Carers Payment to be payable.

The person needing your care must:
  • be an Australian citizen or allowed to live here permanently;
  • be living in Australia;
  • be over 16 years old and need full-time help with personal care because of a severe physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability; or
  • be over 16 years old and need constant supervision because they are a danger to themselves or others; and
  • need this care for more than 6 months (less if they have a terminal illness);
  • be receiving a full or part Social Security pension, or a Veterans Affairs Service or Wife's Service Pension; or
  • be ineligible for a a Social Security or Veterans Affairs Pension solely because they have not lived in Australia long enough to qualify or;
  • have income and assets below the limits which apply for a person to receive minimum Family Allowance
  • from 1 July 1998 Carer Payment is extended to people caring for a profoundly disabled child under 16 at home and;
  • people caring with two or more children with disabilities that are equivalent to a profoundly disabled child may also qualify for Carer Payment.

Extra help for Carer Payment recipients

A rest for the carer

You can have a break from your caring duties for up to 63 days each year without losing your payment. You can go overseas during the 63 day period.

Work, training or education

To help you keep in touch with working while you receive a Carer Payment, you can do paid or unpaid work, train or study for up to 20 hours a week.

Jet Assistance

Carer Payment recipients may be able to get help with work, training or child care under the Jobs, Education and Training (JET) Scheme.

Ask to see a JET Adviser at Centrelink.

Please visit the Centrelink site for more details Contact Info

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